Monthly Archives: January 2015

ISIS purportedly beheads Japanese hostage in new video

An online video released Saturday night purported to show an ISIS militant behead Japanese journalist Kenji Goto, ending days of negotiations by diplomats to save the man. The video, released on militant websites and highlighted by militant sympathizers on social media sites, bore the symbol of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria group’s al-Furqan media…

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Mother of dead Canadian jihadi says new anti-terror bill not enough

The mother of a Calgary man who died in Syria fighting with ISIS says the federal government’s new anti-terrorism takes the wrong approach and says the government must attempt to stop Canadians before they become radicalized.  On Friday, Stephen Harper announced new anti-terror legislation to combat domestic extremism and prevent potential terrorist attacks. Bill C-51 would…

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Sundance 2015: “Results”

“Funny Ha Ha” and “Computer Chess” director Andrew Bujalski brings an unexpected, loose, jangly energy to the surprisingly successful “Results,” a romantic comedy that stars Cobie Smulders, Guy Pearce and Kevin Corrigan. With structural echoes that recall the timeless “Broadcast News,” “Results” is one of those films that shouldn’t work and wouldn’t work with a…

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Sundance 2015: “James White”

No film at Sundance this year hit me with more force emotionally than Josh Mond’s “James White,” a devastating dissection of a man who’s forced out of his arrested development and into adulthood by extreme tragedy and the responsibility that comes with it. Mond opens his film in close-up on his title subject, played with…

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Inside Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger’s Dinner Date With Maria Shriver: “They Got Along Really Well”

Juan Sharma/Bruja/PacificCoastNews/Getty Images Patrick Schwarzenegger‘s mom may be a bigger smiler than we first thought! As the University of Southern California student continues to express his love for girlfriend Miley Cyrus, more signs are showing that the entire Schwarzenegger family is a fan of this relationship. E! News has learned the twosome headed to Laurel…

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