Minister working to get Stoney Nakoda flood victims back in homes

The province is doing everything it can to help people affected by last year’s flood on the Stoney Nakoda First Nation, says David Dorward, Alberta’s associate minister of aboriginal relations.

Hundreds of families are still living in three temporary trailer housing camps more than a year after the disaster.

Dorward acknowledges 15 months is a long time for anyone to be out of their home.

“I don’t think at the start anybody understood exactly how much work needed to be done in order to get provincial safety and construction standards in place,” he said.

“And they will have a fully restored community finally.”

Dorward said he also understands that curfews and restrictions on visitors can be frustrating for the residents.

But he said the rules were developed in consultation with the chief and council in the interest of safety.

“Taking into account, my understanding is that they’re very close in accommodations to each other and noise, I guess, becomes a factor,” he said.

Dorward said he hopes to get to Morley soon to see the situation first hand.



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